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Kindcongress basically is a free worldwide service in order to advance the quality of Congress and seminars with the aim of expanding cultural science. The KindCongress Conference center Was Initiated in the Late 2016s For The Purpose of Notifying The Most Reliable Scientific Conferences, Seminars, and Congresses. KindCongress Site Has Been Implemented To Give Quick Access To Users For All Conferences. Conferences and Information Displayed on This Center Will Be Displayed Individually and Independently on This Site So That People Who Can Search for the Conference to Present Articles or Participate in it Can Easily Use its Services.

Scientifically-practical BIOENERGY Magazine is the IBA media instrument, which presents a practical view to the biofuel industry progress and gives us possibilities to narrate the best biofuel production technologies, new raw materials sources, inventions and contemporary trends of the industry.

International Biofuel Assosciation is a global tool that brings together the participants of the biofuels and bioenergy field

Biomass events promotion resource is the international events bulletin focusing on biomass news, biomass technologies, biomass conferences and exhibitions. The website has been established to supply information about the latest events in biomass and bioenergy field.