Biofuels Applications & Renewable Energy Sector

Biofuels are also known as diesel fuel, even there are other uses of biofuels. Many people think that biofuels are used only for transportation but it provides clean up oil, hydrogen, work as cooking oil and many more uses. Replacing all the human energy needs from the home heating to vehicle fuel to electricity generation are looked after by biofuels.

Biofuel is made through contemporary natural methods, for instance, cultivating and anaerobic assimilation, rather than a fuel conveyed by geological methodology, for instance, those included with the course of action of non-renewable power sources, for instance, coal and oil, from an old normal issue. Biomass is viewed as a sustainable power source since its inborn energy originates from the sun and relatively it can regrow in a moderately brief time. Trees take in carbon dioxide from the air and convert it into biomass and when they die, it is discharged once again into the environment.

  • Culturing Algae
  • Harvesting and oil extraction system
  • Cyanobacterial biofuels production
  • Wastewater based algae biofuels production
  • Algal biosequestration
  • Advances in algal biofuel production
  • Biofuels from microalgae and Microbes

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