Bioenergy is renewable energy made accessible from materials acquired from biological origin. Biomass is any organic matter which has deposited sunlight in the form of chemical energy. As a fuel, it may comprise wood, straw, wood waste, sugarcane, manure, and many other by-products from different agricultural processes. In its most exclusive sense, it is a synonym to biofuel, which is fuel obtained from biological sources. It includes biomass, the biological matter utilized as a biofuel, as well as the social, scientific, economic and technical fields related with utilizing biological sources for energy.

  • Bioenergy Conversion
  • Bioenergy feedstock
  • Bioenergy in transition
  • Bioenergy - Advances & Applications
  • Emerging technologies in Bioenergy
  • Global Warming and Climate Change

  • Bioenergy Conversion
  • Stump harvesting for bioenergy
  • Bioenergy feedstock
  • Quantitative assessment of bioenergy
  • Biocatalysts’ and bioenergy
  • Bioenergy crops and algae
  • Bioenergy cropping systems
  • Life cycle assessment of bioenergy system
  • Bioenergy crop-Panicum virgatum
  • Development of bioenergy technology

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